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  • 29 - July - 2019
  • Comments Off on NEW SUMMER SHOES COLLECTION 2019
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In Gennia we are premiere and it is that our new shoe collection is here. Inspired as always in female beauty we have based our collection on models that will become the absolute protagonists of any look.

This new season is full of sandals, predominantly the high heel, designed for special occasions or for those days when we want a touch more in our looks.

As for the colors we have focused on neutral tones that can work in any outfit. We highlight the mustard and earth tones so fashionable this season. Of course black and metallic ones have a special place in this collection, as they are undoubtedly the best allies.

If these new shoe proposals are marked for something, it is for the comfort that has always characterized Gennia Shoes. Heeled shoes, and especially if they are sandals, need to ensure comfort and support at every step, which we achieve through the quality of our materials and their great grip.

Featured models of the summer collection ´19
In this collection; Summer ´19 we have basic models of sandals with front strap, ankle support and medium heel, suitable for every day. We also have several models of clogs in different shades and with very summer prints. In addition, this season, we could not forget much more special sandals with higher heels and unique details; die cut forming drawings, small details such as bows and endless proposals with which we hope to convince and enchant.

As absolute novelty we bring you our sneakers. A collection, which without losing the essence of Gennia, seeks to reach that woman who prioritizes comfort above all and feels the sneakers as perfect allies for every day and to combine with almost any look. We hope that each of our proposals is to your liking and you enjoy both wearing Gennia shoes, as we create them.

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