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Kendal, one of our favorites for this season

  • 05 - March - 2020
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Kendal, one of our favorites for this season

We know that, we are also anxious for the arrival of autumn and more, if that means releasing a new collection. And yes, we are launching and we bring you a multitude of new models, which we will be reeling. Today we have chosen one of our favorites to talk about him. This is our most advanced boot; Kendal Kendal is a boot made of leather, like all our products, and with a military style, which give it such an all-terrain character.


Why military style? It simulates the look of footwear used in the army, although this, of course, much rougher and harder to protect as much as possible.

In Gennia we have opted for it because it has many possible combinations and is a versatile and durable product. Among its main features, apart from being made of leather, it has a toothed track sole that gives it a unique style. There are different colors and finishes, but its predominant color has been black. We believe that Kendal and black are a perfect combination of style. With shine, matte or in a mahogany tone of infarction, this boot is presented as something indispensable for this season; Autumn Winter. In addition, the boot comes with two laces for you to choose according to the occasion. One with velvet finish and the other classic cotton. What more could you ask for?



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